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While we most likely already know the answer from your discussions in the discord server. We need to be certain and created a poll on which type of reset you would like if at all.

NEWS New Chapter

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Not the easiest decision, but the right decision for the future of SorchMC. As some of you, if not all are aware of by now, SorchMC is currently looking for a brand new dedicated Owner/Leadership to take over the project and take it to new heights. After having done this for so long, it has simply come the time where I feel like I have to step aside and let someone with a pair of new ideas, plans, and ambitions take over instead of shutting it down. It has truly been amazing seeing the growth of the community I've been building from scratch since December and I will do my absolute best to find the right Owner/Leadership to continue the legacy of SorchMC.

Think you could be the right person for the job and interested in bidding?
Don't hesitate to contact me on Discord with your vision, goals, and ideas for SorchMC.

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Another great month! Not the most active one, but sometimes we all just need a little break and refresher including the owner himself. Spring is over, now we move on to Summer where we have a lot of big plans in store, bringing you with a lot of unique content and overhauls of outdated features. In a few days, we are hoping to release the overhaul of the Autorank system, changing requirements, times, adding prestige, etc. Making rankups easier in general. Then hopefully later this month or at the beginning of next, we hope to have our brand new "Dungeons" gamemode released, which is an extension of Survival.

What is Dungeons?
Dungeons is a game where we can create custom MMO-Styled dungeon-based instances. There will be fully customized mobs, loot, and bosses. You will be able to play this on a server/world under our Network and be able to gain items such as custom enchantments and other items for regular Towny. More info regarding this will come in the future, this is a big project which will take some time to complete. There will be BETA testing for Immortal and Chronos rank down the line.

Starting from Monday 8th June, applications for our brand new Builder and Media rank will open!
NOTE: This week Saturday fun will be held on Friday 5th June 3 PM Eastern Time.
All votes have now been reset, thank you for...

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