NEWS New jobs and custom enchants

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The time has come for a job and custom enchantments update. Over the two weeks since release, I have been working on trying to balance the economy by decreasing the income for several jobs and increasing it for others. Not only that but adding brand new jobs to the job selector. With our recent custom enchantments plugin, there were simply too many bugs so I decided to switch it for another one which is way smoother and adds a lot of new features to the custom enchantments.

What's new?

Custom Enchantments

  • There has been added a bunch of new enchantments, and some have been renamed. Check out the full list here (only applies to regular enchantments).
  • Updated the custom enchantments GUI, access using /enchants.
  • Custom enchantments can no longer be found in vanilla Enchantment tables.
  • New custom enchantment tiers; Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary and Heroic. Simple tier being the lowest and Heroic being the highest.
  • Scrolls have been added. What are scrolls you may ask? Scrolls are different items that you can apply to your enchantment books or enchanted items to increase enchantment slots, prevent items from breaking and increase success rates of enchantment books.
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NEWS Monthly Crate

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Monthly Crates

A new addition to the store! Monthly crates are now available every month. These crates will contain a bunch of rewards, such as gear, perks, rare items, legendary items and more! Note that, everyone who nitro boosts our Discord server will receive a discount code that will give you 35% OFF all monthly crates.

When you buy a crate, you receive all of the rewards. There will also be bonus rewards you can win on top in the future.
The April 2020 Crate is now available, and can be purchased here. Click Here

The April Crate has the following goods:
  • 2x Uncommon Keys
  • 1x Spawner Key
  • $15,000 after purchase
  • 12 hours of 50% McMMO XP Boost after purchase
  • 1x April Pickaxe
  • 1x April Sword
  • 1x April Chestplate

NEWS Towny V2 Full Changelog

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The time has come, after hours and weeks of re-building our Towny server, I am glad to say that we are done and ready for release tomorrow. Our main goal for this reset was to look back on where we started off with Towny, and take inspiration from that, trying to create something brand new whilst not getting rid of what players loved. Turning over a new leaf and starting a brand new chapter, this is just the beginning of what's to come in weekly & monthly updates, events and other things planned in store to create the most unique and best Towny experience.

That being said, don't expect the first few days to be a smooth ride. Bugs, glitches and exploits will be found no matter how long we test for. But we have tested thoroughly and well-optimized, so I am confident that there will be very little to no lag and bugs to be found. Grab your tea, cause there will be a lot to read!

Now to the most important question, what is new? What has changed?
I will try to keep the points fairly simple and short, to avoid overwhelming you with long paragraphs and texts. If it is a feature that requires more a more in-depth explanation or guide, they will all be posted here.

  • Punishment Reset - All players who had a ban, warning or kick have got their punish history wiped and will be given a second chance. This does not count for Blacklisted players.
  • PvP Toggle - There is no longer...

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