NEWS No more Skyblock

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As of Tomorrow 22nd March our SkyBlock gamemode will, unfortunately, be shutting down. We have decided to discontinue the SkyBlock project and just focus on Towny and KitPvP. The main reason for doing so was simply due to lack of activity there, which leads to lack of revenue coming from there in to further develop and grow it, unlikely to Towny. However, there are possibilities of it returning back down the line in the future, but for now, our goal is to put all of our time, efforts and fundings into making SorchMC Towny one of the best Towny communities out there, bringing in loads of unique events, features, items, etc. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with this Towny revamp, there have already been put hundreds of hours into ensuring so, optimizing lag, builds, coding plugins and other aspects. There will be a full changelog released hours prior to release so that you are aware of every new aspect before starting to play, along with the new vote links.

A reminder that Towny is releasing on Saturday 28th March, 2 PM Eastern Time. (Click here for countdown) There is also a giveaway happening on our Discord, in the #giveaways channel!

I hope you're all staying safe at home! ❤

NEWS Towny news and link system

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Hey! As some of you are aware of by reading messages on our Discord server, we have decided to bring forward the release date of our new Towny server to Saturday 28th March, 2 PM EST. The downtime will start from today 10 AM EST. Countdown here!

Download here:
You now have to link your Discord account with your Minecraft account in-game on SorchMC in order to get access to the contents of our Discord, this is to prevent spam bots, advertisers and banned players from accessing our discord. You can only link your account once, this will also sync your in-game ranks with your discord rank.
The steps are quite easy:
  1. In #link channel, type !link and thereafter copy the code to in-game.
  2. Type /discordlink <code> in our in-game Lobby (
Along with linking your Discord account, you can also now link your Forum account with in-game by using /forumlink in-game in the Lobby and simply clicking the link received whilst being logged into the forums!

NEWS February 2020

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February was a great month for us as our journey continues. Our first month as SorchMC after moving from MCTowny, we kicked off the month with releasing our KitPvP gamemode where there have already been over 1,500 unique kills. We then moved on from there to releasing our last gamemode SkyBlock which so far has already been very successful, great to see that the players are enjoying it! As all of our gamemodes, for now, have been released, it is now our main job to polish the gamemodes and prioritize growing the SorchMC community.


All votes have now been reset, thank you for voting and keep doing so. It helps us grow!

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