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Happy new year from us at MCTowny to you!
2020 here we are, the beginning of a new decade.. We are kicking off the year with a major server update with a lot of changes! Not only is this the start of a new year, but the start MCTowny´s Winter Season which ends on February 29th. In this period, you can expect a lot of Winter events, such as Building competitions and many others, including a Valentine event. As mentioned in the previous server update, there will be a lot of changes in this update. There is also a brand new trailer on the way!

To start of the year fresh, I have decided to reset all punishments that players received in 2019. This does not include players that are blacklisted, they will remain banned from all our servers. Bans and warns have slightly changed, from now on 3 warnings is a 7 day ban and 6 warnings is a permanent ban, so please follow the rules!

What's New:
  • Server updated to 1.15. and World border expanded
    MCTowny have finally decided to update our server from 1.14.4 to 1.15.1, this was mainly because of the chunks problems in 1.14.4 causing major server lagg and sudden crashes. The world border have been expanded from 10k to 12k including new biomes, villages, bees and such. We have pre-generated chunks, so there shouldn't be caused any server lag when exploring those new areas. Bees can be found in these chunks in the newly generated areas: Flower Forest, Plains, and Sunflower Plains.
  • No more Helper rank


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Server will be down for maintenance and major server updates from December 31st 11am (UTC) to January 1st 5pm (UTC)!
In this server update you can expect a lot of new content on the server, such as brand a new crate system, new spawn, new rtp system, removed punishments except from blacklisted players, 1.15.1 with expanded world border (from 10k -> 12k) including new biomes with bees and much more! There will be a full changelog on the forums after update, let's start this new year/decade with a blast!

CHANGELOG Towny Changelog 1.2

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Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!
We are back, bringing you with a brand new server update right before the new year. There is a lot of work and improvements to do on the server from the development side. As this update was slightly delayed, we didn't want to release too much in this update, but rather spread it out over the up and coming weeks, starting with a big one in early 2020, new spawn, new crates, new systems, and much more..! In this update we did mainly focus on the economic aspects of the server, trying to balance it, bringing you player market, the ability to sell several items in the admin shop and lastly jobs money increases. Check the full changelog down below and let's get ready to conquer 2020! :coffee:


What's New:
  • Now able to purchase and customize your own tag in our webstore.
  • Able to toggle death messages for yourself /toggledeathmsg.
  • Updated the server fully to 1.14.4.
  • Brand new /itemfilter system.
  • Have to speak english in the main chat now.
  • Player Markets has now been added! /market.
  • Changed newcomers tag from green to gray.
  • Removed cloud particles from wings enchantment.
  • Re-added shops with modified prices, sell and categories /shop.
  • Several jobs money increases:
    ◦ 20% boost: Woodcutter, Builder, Farmer, Hunter and Fisherman
    ◦ 30% boost: Enchanter, Brewer, Weaponsmith and Crafter
  • Removed the ability to unsafe enchant, you are now...

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