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  1. KieronIX

    NEWS Monthly UHC Events

    I mean, I'll lose but it'll be fun!
  2. KieronIX

    Community Mentoring Program

    Here to help. ❤
  3. KieronIX

    Community Mentoring Program

    Sounds like a great idea!
  4. KieronIX

    Nether Resets and Protection

    +1 from me. I think the only problem will be when the new Nether comes as there is such big changes.
  5. KieronIX

    Scotts Castle

    Looks great. I think you should add some castle gardens to that grass in the middle if you haven't done so already.
  6. KieronIX

    Pinata Suggestions

    To be honest, I’m not sure how doing more than 1 a day would be fair. They usually happen at night for us guys here in Europe so realistically the only ones who wouldn’t be able to get on are players in either Asia or Oceania unless they’re up early in the morning. Doing multiple would just give...
  7. KieronIX

    NEWS April 2020 - New Spawn - Update

    An amazing month indeed. :love:
  8. KieronIX

    J, that looks like Sorchy.

    J, that looks like Sorchy.
  9. KieronIX

    Events Weekly Update

    For the team build competition, I believe it would be unfair on people who don't have a big group of people to be able to do it with. I also think it will have to be over a longer period of time, such as a month. You need to remember that the players have to grind for the materials as well and...
  10. KieronIX

    Make Titles Limited/Seasonal

    +1 from me. :)
  11. KieronIX

    Hi duckie.

    Hi duckie.
  12. KieronIX

    Count to 100

  13. KieronIX

    Create a story one word at a time

  14. KieronIX

    Kieron's Victorian Mansion

    So, yesterday I expanded the base plate and made room for a little driveway which led to the garage.
  15. KieronIX

    Kieron's Victorian Mansion

    Finally gained the motivation to continue with my build so you'll hopefully see more updates from me more regularly! This is currently where I am up to. Implementing the base interior walls.
  16. KieronIX

    NEWS Starting Saturday Fun

    Whoop whoop!
  17. KieronIX

    Thanks beautiful.

    Thanks beautiful.
  18. KieronIX


    Hola amigo.
  19. KieronIX

    Kieron's Victorian Mansion

    Had a rough few days and a huge lack of motivation to play Minecraft and the server so I'm yet to complete the final exterior wall but I'll hopefully get it done soon. :)
  20. KieronIX

    Count to 100