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  1. i_have_scurvy

    some ideas

    Jobs - Sorch has long be tinkering at the jobs payout, people from when the server started will remember how easy it was to get to 1 mil in a week. The early game is a grind but with voting and events etc. it doesn't take long for you to set up a town and get yourself up and running Quests -...
  2. i_have_scurvy

    NEWS Monthly UHC Events

    Being watching MindCrack since season 1, yall in big trouble!
  3. i_have_scurvy

    High Garden Market

    It;s time for Blue which happens to be the biggest! Starring nearly all mob drops in the game include Wither Skulls and Nether Stars! Grap Arrows by the stack or the cheapest blaze rods for your furnace in the Blue Tent Today!
  4. i_have_scurvy

    High Garden Market

    It may be small but it has the cheapest prices on there server! It's i_have_dylesxia's little yellow tent, selling fish and kelp and more soon!
  5. i_have_scurvy

    Scotts Castle

    I know you already have a stable but a larger area for the horses with runs and lanes for jousting, would be cool. You could stands as if tournaments are held there
  6. i_have_scurvy

    High Garden Market

    Today's tent is i_have_typhoid's favourite colour, it also happens to be their tent selling all 6 log types. Perfect for saving some time by buying some cheap wood!
  7. i_have_scurvy

    High Garden Market

    Light Blue? Who could it be? It none other then our beloved Admin Jrod. Selling items from the Sorch Store! You can spend In-game money for items which cost real life money! Jrod is also selling ranks! Immortal Rank: 400,000 in-game currency Mystic Rank: 200,000 in-game currency Hero Rank...
  8. i_have_scurvy

    AcidArmy... JOINS THE BATTLE!

    Welcome to the community!
  9. i_have_scurvy

    High Garden Market

    Hoping to build a bit of Gallery here, I'll more pictures as the time comes and as the Market grows
  10. i_have_scurvy

    High Garden Market

    Thought it would be important to also shout out our first Project Player CatQueen, her Pink shop has been open for nearly a week selling Soul Pie, Carrot Juice and Fortune Cookies. Stock up on SlimeFun treats in her Pink Tent.
  11. i_have_scurvy

    High Garden Market

    A big warm welcome to Fip as they opened their first few shops today selling Feathers, Porkchops and Cooked Chicken. Check out his shops at the grey tent!
  12. i_have_scurvy

    High Garden Market

    Hey, so with the likes of Scott's Castle and Kieron's Mansion, I do not have much to show for myself besides by large mob farms. However I do have my market which I would like to think most people know about. Wanting to increase player travel there and kick start the biggest non-official server...
  13. i_have_scurvy

    Community Mentoring Program

    Your in-game username: i_have_scurvy What country do you live in? Ireland UTC -1 What are you hoping to achieve by joining the CMP? Help out the new players with those important questions about getting started with towny and progressing on how to get money and have a successful time on the...
  14. i_have_scurvy

    Nether Resets and Protection

    Also to add after a Ghast blew a hole in my build that perhaps explosions and fire spread could also be turned off. Also a Live Map if that could be possible to help find loot or to see builds if you could somehow see through all the bedrock
  15. i_have_scurvy

    Count to 100

  16. i_have_scurvy

    Building Team

    I'm all for this idea for Helper ranks. Many times I'm on the server early hours and there is no staff and newer players have questions or maybe there are more questions they don't ask because they feel there is no one to answer them. Builder Ranks makes sense if Sorchy is willing to hand over...
  17. i_have_scurvy

    Nether Resets and Protection

    Hey all, I just have a suggestion about the resetting of the Nether. Last Saturday Fun I brought this up in chat and there was others who wanted to ability to protect builds and chests in the Nether and having just completed a large build myself that produces items that I fear could be stolen. I...
  18. i_have_scurvy

    NEWS April 2020 - New Spawn - Update

    Good work Sorchy and everyone, a great month, lets go for another!
  19. i_have_scurvy

    Small Fishing Suggestion

    I agree, it ruins the chill out feeling of fishing to constantly move around. You have to only 3 blocks that makes it such a small distance that is just that extra bit annoying. Personally I like to kick back late at night and fish with some music but having to move every 5 fish or so is just...
  20. i_have_scurvy

    Champion Hall of Fame Application

    IGN: i_have_scurvy Title Applying For: Biggest CD Collection Screenshots: