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  1. Server Reset Poll

    Sorry to all the replies I deleted I thought there was no comments enable 😅
  2. Buff Crates, and make sure the slimefun miner doesn't get ancient debris.

    While I dont know how the SlimeFun is going to be affected by moving to 1.16. I do know that we are currently working on totally over haling the crates!
  3. some ideas

    Thank you to i_have_scurvy for responding to this post.
  4. A long term a ambitious plan but one that could be pretty nice

    While these plans are great in their own way it will most likely be shelved for the time being. Our main objective has been to rework the main problems and go from there. Thanks again for the Ideas, I like them.
  5. Multiplayer sleep

    In my opinion this would be a very nice addition and I'll talk with the owners about it in our next meeting. Thank you!
  6. Reset

    Im more the certain a reset is immanent! Thank you for the post and to show how much support there is for it!