A long term a ambitious plan but one that could be pretty nice


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So the main issue I have with towny is how fast the progression is and how by 3rd hour you can be in full enchanted armor if you know what your doing..
So my idea was to switch up the way progression works by making certain tiers of unlockable items. Having a points/tokens system or a way that players can individually progress through the tiers.
These tiers could be suck as:
Tier 1: Stone: Starting equipment and basic leather armor, the base tier and the starting tier.
Tier 2: Iron: Second tier. Iron armor and tools.
Tier 3: Diamond: Third tier. Diamond armor and tools.
Tier 4: Enchanted diamond: Access to enchants(also could be bought with points) .
Tier 5: Netherite: Access to netherite tools and armor.
Tier 6: Enchanted netherite: same as enchanted diamond.
Tier 7: Custom enchants: access to custom enchants
The way to get tokens could be through a random chance when doing jobs, contests and games, serverwide events, and a way to turn resources into points.
This would work along side the rank up system as the ranks would give access to commands. That being said it would be possible to buy certain commands and cosmetics through the spending of points although this would be better if it was very expensive as it would push players to use more elaborate ways to gain points.
Another way the points could be spent(as mentioned before) would be a the possibility of using points to buy enchants. These enchants would be beyond vanilla but very expensive yet again pushing players to find new ways to gain points.
Players could also sell tokens for money and could become a secondary currency.
Another idea would be the ability to prestige ranks, resetting the ranks and the tiers but in return giving players a boost in jobs/mcmmo or special tokens that could be exchanged for special items and enchants. This would make players want to rank up past margrave as there is not much point going beyond that rank.

Although these ideas a quite ambitious and I have no clue at all how they could be coded it would change the progression and the way the game is played giving the server even more unique features and could help entice new players who are bored of the normal towny game

Also open to new ideas and would love to see what you guys think


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I think both of these ideas are great. Big +1 from me.


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While these plans are great in their own way it will most likely be shelved for the time being. Our main objective has been to rework the main problems and go from there. Thanks again for the Ideas, I like them.