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-= Command List =-

Town and Nation commands can be found here:

Basic Server Commands

/rules - Shows the rules of the server! Be sure to follow them!
/faq - Opens up a menu that has some server information.
/res <playername> or /player <playername> - Shows information about that player.
/tpa <playername> - Sends a request to teleport to that player. To accept this request, do /tpaccept or /tpyes. To deny, do /tpdeny. Also, the player that receives this request can click one of the displayed boxes in chat to accept or deny without doing the command!
/tpahere - Sends a request for that player to teleport to you.
/bal - Shows your balance. You can also check players who have the highest balance on the server with /baltop!
/buy - This brings up the categories of items you can buy from the SorchMC store. You can buy anything from chat colors and donor ranks to keys and town claims!
/vote - This displays commands you can use for voting for our server. If you reach one of the top voters for the month, you can receive amazing prizes!
/aach - These are achievements that you can complete for fun! (You don’t get rewards for completing them)
/fish menu - Opens menu for PyroFishing.
/mine menu - Opens menu for PyroMining.
/back - Returns you to your previous location.
/trails - Access the the trails you have bought on the SorchMC store or in-game!
/chatcolor - Opens a menu that allows you to change your chat color. You can get chat colors by purchasing them on the SorchMC store, or from a Rank.
/enchants - Displays the server’s custom enchants and what they do, basically gives you a link to this here.
/home - View your current homes set! To set a home do /sethome (home name) and to delete a home do /delhome (home name)
/iteminfo - Do this command while holding an item to see its ID, real name, and durability.
/pay <playername> <amount> - Pays a player the amount of money specified.
/heads - Get custom head from the head database! Regular heads are $250 and alphabet letters are $1000.
/ranks - Shows the ranks obtainable in-game. Do /rank (playername) to show the specified player’s rank, playtime, and more!
/playtime - Shows your platime.
/sbtoggle - Toggles scoreboard.
/tps - Shows the ticks per second on the server → the higher the number = the better and vice versa.
/uptime - Shows how long the server has been up since the last server restart, and shows you time until next server restart.
/artime - Shows time until next server restart.
/ma join - Joins the mob arena.
/ma leave - Leaves the mob arena.
/ma spec - Spectates the mob arena.
/crates - Open crates menu.
/keys - Check your crate keys.


Server Warps

/rtp - Opens up a gui, where you can select between random teleporting in the main world or wasteland.
/pwarps - This brings up a GUI which allows you to teleport to player bought warps!
/wasteland - Teleports you randomly in resource world.
/market - This teleports you to where all the player shops are located.
/warp - Brings up a GUI of the possible warps you can visit such as the end, markets, crates, towny ad board, and more!


Shop Commands
/arm tp - Allows you to teleport to a specific player shop in the shop.
/arm - Brings up all the commands related to playershops!


LWC Commands

/cdonation - This allows players to view the items that are in the chest, as well as add their own items. They can’t edit the chest, unless they’re added to it.
/chopper on - Allows hoppers to move items from/to chests and furnaces!
/cinfo - Do this command and punch the locked item to view who owns it.
/climits - Shows the number of locked items you have and the amount you can have total!
/cmodify <name/t:<townname> - Adds a player or town to a locked item. Do this command and then punch the locked item.
/cmodify -<playername> - Do this command to remove a player from a locked item.
/cpassword <password> - Adds a password to your locked item. Keep in mind, you can’t forget the password! Do /cunlock to remove it.
/cpersist - Do this command, then the command you wish to persist. Then, click on all blocks you want to perform the specified command on. To toggle it off, type this command again.
/cpublic - This makes the chest you want public. The chest must first be unlocked before performing this command. Other players are unable to lock this chest after doing this command.
/cremoveall - This removes all of your locks.
/lock - Do this command to lock an item! Keep in mind, chests should lock upon placement automatically.
/unlock - Do this command to remove the lock from the block you wish to do so on. Be aware, other players can edit the chest after removing the lock.
/lwc - Displays all the commands regarding the protection plugin.


Jobs & MCMMO Commands
/inspect <playername> - Displays McMMO stats of another player on the side of your screen!
/jobs bonus <jobname> - Shows bonuses you have in the job specified.
/jobs browse - Opens a GUI which displays all the jobs you can join and information about them!
/jobs info <jobname> - Shows information about a job such as money and job xp.
/jobs join <jobname> - Join a job with this command!
/jobs leave <jobname> - Leave a job with this command!
/jobs stats <playername> - Shows the statistics of all the jobs you are currently in.
/jobs top <jobname> - Shows the top players in a specified job.
/jobs - Shows a longer list of job commands.
/jobs clearownership - This removes all your brewing stands and furnaces, so you will not get paid for using them for a job.
/mcstats - Displays your McMMO statistics.
/mcscoreboard <clear/keep/time> <amt> - Keep or clear a specific scoreboard on the right side of your screen.
/mctop <skill name> - Displays the top power levels of players.
/<skillname> - Shows statistics and information about a skill.
/redeem - Allows you to put your McMMO credits into a specified skill.


Chat Commands

/discord - This command will give you a link to our servers discord.
/discordlink - Used to link your account with the SorchMC Discord.
/forums - This command will give you a link to our servers forums.
/forumlink - Used to link your account with the SorchMC Forums.
/ignore - Want to ignore everyone? Then this is the command for you :3
/gc - This command will bring you to the general chat.
/lc - Move to local chat where you can talk to players that are nearby.
/nc - Moves you to nation chat!
/tc - Moves you to town chat!
/pc - In a party? Use this command to communicate to other players in your party.
/leave [channel] - Leave a desired channel.
/join [channel] - Left a channel? Do this to rejoin it.
/mail send <playername> <message> - Want to send a message to a player that is currently offline? This will send it to them for the player to view once they get online.
/mail read - Read all the mail players have sent to you.
/mail clear - Clear all mail that was sent to you by other players.
/msg <playername> <message> - Message a player privately in-game.
/r - Easily respond to the player you messaged last.


Something I came up with in a few days, reply to this thread if I am missing any commands or new features! :)
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