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What are Custom Enchantments?
Custom Enchantments are unique enchantments that can't be obtained through Vanilla Enchantment. They can only be found in the Custom Enchant Menu. They all have their different abilities, one might give you fly and another might give you extra hearts, the possibilities are truly limitless.

What is the purpose of this thread?

The purpose of this thread is to gather more ideas for Custom Enchantments. We find it much easier to keep it all in one thread instead of separate threads.

How to suggest a Custom Enchantment:

Here is the format for suggesting custom enchantments:
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Hello here are some of my Ideas I'm probably going to add more but first I want some of my questions answered(at bottom)

Enchantment Name:Life steal III
Enchantment Description:smack your enemy gain life
Enchantment Group:Unique
Enchantment Type:ATTACK_MOB
Enchantment Application:Swords
Anything else:

Enchantment Name: Sharpness VI - VIII
Enchantment Description:Big damage
Enchantment Group: Simple(Sharpness VI), Unique(Sharpness VII), Elite(Sharpness VIII),
Enchantment Type: Damage
Enchantment Application:Swords
Anything else: yes

Enchantment Name: Poison II
Enchantment Description: can poison enemy's
Enchantment Group: Simple
Enchantment Type: ATTACK_MOB
Enchantment Application: Swords
Anything else: Poison

Enchantment Name: Friends IV
Enchantment Description:every kill has a chance to spawn a zombie with your face on it and they will fight for you... for like 5seconds
Enchantment Group: Heroic
Enchantment Type:KILL_MOB
Enchantment Application:Swords
Anything else:I 5s II 10s III 15s IV strength I

Enchantment Name:Gluttony III
Enchantment Description:
When fully saturated strength, speed, regen
When low on hunger weakness, slowness, poison
when held give the player hunger
Enchantment Group:Legendary
Enchantment Type:EFFECT_STATIC
Enchantment Application:Swords
Anything else:
for each higher level make the effects stronger
(when your low on hunger it'll change to Curse of Gluttony and its red)

Enchantment Name: Pride -III - X
Enchantment Description:
Lets see how big your ego can get
every time you kill 100 mobs pride lvls up
every time you die pride goes back to lvl I
per every Pride lvl gain 1 heart
Enchantment Group:Legendary
Enchantment Type:EFFECT_STATIC
Enchantment Application: Sword
Anything else:
if you die when pride is level I it becomes -I and you lose 3 hearts permantly until you take the sword out of your inventory
be careful though if you get lvl -III you'll be sitting at 1 heart
(when you have a negative enchantment it'll change to Curse of Pride and its red)

Enchantment Name: Zues III
Enchantment Description: every hit has a chance to summon lightning
Enchantment Group:Unique
Enchantment Type:ATTACK_MOB
Enchantment Application:Swords
Anything else: higher level higher chance

Enchantment Name: replant I
Enchantment Description: everytime you break a fully grown plant it replants the seed
Enchantment Group: Unique
Enchantment Type: ITEM_BLOCK
Enchantment Application: Hoe
Anything else: Obtainable for Extreme quest "Obtain 12 stacks of Wheat"

Enchantment Name:Creeper repellent I
Enchantment Description: creepers are scared around you(just make a cat follow you around
Enchantment Group:Simple
Enchantment Type:EFFECT_STATIC
Enchantment Application: Helmets, Chestplates, Leggings, Boots
Anything else: stop them from blowing up while im building LEAVE ME ALONE

Enchantment Name: Rabbits feet III
Enchantment Description:
speed +30
jump boost II
luck I
Enchantment Group: EFFECT_STATIC
Enchantment Type:EFFECT_STATIC
Enchantment Application: Boots
Anything else:

Enchantment Name: Sugar Rush V
Enchantment Description: ever level increases speed by 10
Enchantment Group: Ultimate
Enchantment Type: EFFECT_STATIC
Enchantment Application: Helmets, Chestplates, Leggings, Boots
Anything else: sanic

Enchantment Name: Auto Smelt
Enchantment Description: When breaking sand it makes glass
Enchantment Group:
Enchantment Type:
Enchantment Application:Shovels
Anything else: this is already in the game but please add this feature

Dinnerbone I
when you hit an enemy rename it to dinnerbone
To obtain rename book to dinnerbone

curse of Aww man (armour)
when a creeper comes within a 10 block radius it turns invisible

Curse of Friends (Sword)
Whats so bad about having Tons of friends?
zombies have an increased chance of calling more zombies

can I also add custom weapons and mobs or is it just enchantments?
when you buy from /ce does it give u a lvl 1 book or max bc if it gives lvl 1 i might wanna change somethings around
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