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The Groovy Discord Bot is a bot based of Music. Groovy is used for the soul purpose of playing songs for people to listen to the same track of songs. Groovy gives a high quality music with both Youtube and Spotify playlists playable. The bot is fairly easy to use, The server was upgraded to premium due to I had it laying around, therefore we have more commands, 2 more bots for other people wanting to talk, and listen to their type of music.

We have 3 Groovy bots, you may ask yourself why? The reason for this is so more people can listen to music. The - infront of the command is for the first bot. The other two bots use -- & >> so remember that they have a different command start sequense.

Regular commands
[link or search] | Starts playing a playlist or song that was linked or searched for | Aliases : p, q, queue
| Display the song queue | Aliases : q
| Skips to the next song | Aliases : n, skip
| Skips to the previous song | Aliases : b, previous, prev
| Removes all tracks from the queue
-jump [link] | Skips to a specific song | Aliases : j, goto
| Cycles between the different loop settings | Aliases : l
| Displays lyrics for the playing track | Aliases : ly
| Pauses the current track
-resume | Resumes the current track
-remove [link] | Removes a specific song from the queue | Aliases : r, rm, delete, del
| Resets all player settings and clears the queue
-shuffle | Randomizes the tracks in the queue | Aliases : shuff, shuf, randomize, randomise
| Displays info about the specified track in queue | Aliases : nowplaying, np
-reset effects
| Resets all audio effects
-fast forward | Fast forwards the players by your specified amount. The default amount is 10 seconds | Aliases : ff, fwd
| Rewinds the player by your specified amount. The default is 10 seconds | Aliases : rw
| Seaches for your query on Youtube and lets you choose which songs to queue. To queue a track of the results, just type it's number | Aliases : s
| Sets the playing track's position to the specified position
-stop | Stops the current playing track
-move | Moves the specified song to the specified position | Aliases : m
| Displays the bot's prefix in the server [ADMIN]
| Toggles the announcing of "Now playing" messages
-perms | Displays the currently set permissions of the specified role or user
-perms | Modifies the permissions of a role or user. You can use "all" to select all permissions [ADMIN]

Premium Commands
| Toggles 27/7 mode, which makes the bot stay in the channel. | Aliases : 247
-Bass boost [amount]
| Sets the player's bass boost setting. if you input "reset", it will set the volume back to default | Aliases : bb
-volume [new volume]
| Sets the player's volume. if you input "reset", it will set the volume back to default | Aliases : v, vol
-speed [new speed]
| Sets the player's speed. if you input "reset", it will set the volume back to default
-pitch [new pitch] | Sets the player's pitch. if you input "reset", it will set the volume back to default
-nightcore | Toggles nightcore mode
-vaporwave | Toggles nightcore mode
-saved queue load | Loads the specified saved queue into the queue | Aliases : sq load
-saved queue create
| Saves the queue under the specified name | Aliases : sq create
-saved queue delete
| Deletes the specified saved queue | Aliases : sq delete
-saved queue share
| Creates a like that anyone can use to queue your saved queue | Aliases : sq share

Got Questions? You can ask me on discord! Ufiskelig#4741
Groovy's command website!
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