NEWS KitPvP Season 1


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Howdy all!
I am glad to say that our KitPvP gamemode has been released and season 1 has just begun! We really hope that you enjoy the new mode and give us feedback on what we can improve on. There has been put hours into this mode ensuring that it is high quality and little to no bugs/glitches. This current season will end on Friday May 1st - 1 AM EST

Season Info:

There will be a grace period the first 3 days, until Wednesday February 5th. In this period there will not be premium kits activated, they will be activated at the end of the grace period. However, you are still able to get all rankup kits, Voter, Common and Smash kit from the crates. All payouts for the top 3 killers will be paid out a week after season ending, you will be contacted on the forums by someone in the Leadership Team so make sure that you have a forum account or else you will NOT receive the payout.

• 1st Place: $150 PayPal - $50 Giftcard in our store
• 2nd Place: $75 PayPal - $25 Giftcard in our store
• 3rd Place: $25 PayPal - $15 Giftcard in our store

SALE! Pre-ordering a kit in the grace period, will get you 20% OFF all kits. You will receive full access to the kit once the grace period is over on Wednesday 5th! Check out the sale at

Enjoy KitPvP Season 1!