NEWS Monthly UHC Events


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I am excited to announce that we are starting with Monthly Ultra Hardcore events! These events will be a server-wide event that happens on our brand new Event server in order to keep all your beautiful creations on Towny safe. The events will be Solos with no type of teams to give everyone a fair chance of winning. We do plan of switching it up in the future when the number of players that enters the event increases!

UHC Event Rules:
- All server rules apply,
- No teaming at all, this will result in you being disqualified from this UHC Event and the two next.
- If found X-Raying, you will be punished accordingly and be disqualified from this UHC Event and the two next.
- No Mods are allowed at all, same goes for LabyMod and all other allowed Mods on Towny except Optifine.
- You are allowed to use any version from 1.8 - 1.15.
- All ranks are allowed to enter, including staff as they have no advantage.

How to join the Event?
All you have to do is to join our Event server on Sunday when the time is up /server UHCEvent. There will be an NPC in the Lobby!

May 2020 Event Information and Prizes
- Server Version will be 1.8 - 1.15
- There will only be 1 Round this Sunday. This first time is just a mini test event.
- Time: 3 PM Eastern Time on Sunday 17th May, live countdown can be found HERE.

No permission! You have to be logged in or registered to view spoiler content.

What is Ultra Hardcore?
Ultra Hardcore, also known simply as UHC, is a Survival Minigame similar to Survival Games. In this game, you spawn in a freshly generated world with a border of about 500 x 500 or less, you will have a 15-20 minute grace period where you can gather materials and ores to make weapons and armor. When those minutes are up, PvP will be enabled and the border will start to shrink minute by minute. In Ultra Hardcore, players cannot naturally regenerate health and must use potions, suspicious stews or golden apples to do so instead which can be crafted. Custom recipes will be displayed in the waiting Lobby.

Good luck to all participants! :)

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