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The time has come for a job and custom enchantments update. Over the two weeks since release, I have been working on trying to balance the economy by decreasing the income for several jobs and increasing it for others. Not only that but adding brand new jobs to the job selector. With our recent custom enchantments plugin, there were simply too many bugs so I decided to switch it for another one which is way smoother and adds a lot of new features to the custom enchantments.

What's new?

Custom Enchantments

  • There has been added a bunch of new enchantments, and some have been renamed. Check out the full list here (only applies to regular enchantments).
  • Updated the custom enchantments GUI, access using /enchants.
  • Custom enchantments can no longer be found in vanilla Enchantment tables.
  • New custom enchantment tiers; Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary and Heroic. Simple tier being the lowest and Heroic being the highest.
  • Scrolls have been added. What are scrolls you may ask? Scrolls are different items that you can apply to your enchantment books or enchanted items to increase enchantment slots, prevent items from breaking and increase success rates of enchantment books.
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  • Alchemist in the enchantments menu is where you can combine two enchantment books of the same level in order to get an upgraded book.
  • Tinkerer in the enchantments menu is where you can trade unwanted custom enchanted items or books for mystery dust.

  • 10 Brand new jobs have been added: Villager Trader, Cannon Tester, Warrior, Mason, Librarian, Cook, Technician, Butcher, Archaeologist, and Bountyhunter.
  • A few of the jobs now have a max level of 500, this is to balance out the earnings: Woodcutter, Miner, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Adventurer, Bountyhunter, Archaeologist, Mason, Warrior, and Craftsman.
  • These jobs are not finalized, of course, they will receive more updates in the future.
  • Jobs Quests, for those who have completed the regular quests, these are extra challenges that you can do to earn some extra cash. Can be accessed via /jobs quests. You get new quests every 12 hours, they can be skipped once for $1,000 in order to get new quests.
A full changelog of today's update can be found on our Discord in the #updates channel.
IMPORTANT: To switch out your old enchantments for the new enchantments, you'll have to open a ticket on our Discord. Make sure to put the items in your inventory so that we can access them easier.


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This is a dope update, I like that we have more options with custom enchants now <3
GJ @Sorchy & thanks


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Finally, some of the old enchants were really buggy and infusion was too OP, durability lasted for too long and you made too much money. Great work! :love: