PyroFishing Guide


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-= PyroFishing Guide =-


What is this plugin about?
PyroFishingis basically a plugin which enhances the fishing experience of players by adding custom fish types with customisable biomes, sell prices, data values and much more to come. There are also tons of Augments (custom enchantments in a sense) that players can upgrade their fishing rods with! The plugin also has a custom currency called Entropy which is used to craft Augments.

What do all these features do?
Below I will provide a brief description of what all these features entail and what they are.
  • Killing fish will yield custom fish upon death. This means you can kill Cod, Salmon, Tropical and Pufferfish in the ocean which will drop custom fish on death. This is a neat alternative to players who like exploring the ocean and want a small reward for doing so. This also encourages exploration too.
  • Fish Gutting station for Entropy / custom fishing related items. This is a GUI which can be access VIA the /fish menu. This allows you to trade in fish for entropy if you want to get a passive quicker. As for the items side of this feature, you will be able to get scales, eyes, fins and other related items which will be used for crafting and purchasing bait which will come at a later point.
  • Fish up crabs / lobsters. There is a small chance where you can fish up a crab and or lobster when fishing. This is just a silverfish with increased health. However, this mob will have a custom ability soon. These mobs will also drop rare custom items which will be used for bait as well along down the line.
  • Deliveries. This feature is basically repeatable quests. Where you have to do deliveries to certain people for money rewards.
  • Tournaments. Events that are automatically started when there are 15 players online, the goal is to compete against each other. Whether this be in a race to catch the first platinum fish, catch the largest fish or catch the most amount of fish in a time period.
  • Augments. Augments are essentially custom enchantments that only work on your fishing rod. To craft augments, follow the crafting recipes in the Augment GUI. Once you have all the crafting items, throw them into a cauldron and hit it with your fishing rod. You then use the Augment and your fishing rod in the Augment GUI again to combine them! A list of augments can be found below:
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