PyroMining Guide


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-= PyroMining Guide =-

This plugin essentially brings players mining experience to life. This plugin adds many different functions that allow players to customize their mining experience and enhance it further.

The plugin currently has a wide range of features in its current state. It is actively being worked on by the developer and is still in its early stages. Here are some features that the plugin have:

  • Fluxes. (Orbs you can find when mining certain ores which can then be sold to a mining market. Can view all fluxes using /mine journal)
  • Gemstones. (These Gemstones will have more features in the future. They can currently be sold to the mining market as well.)
  • Rune Dust. (Gained from Refining 'Mysterious Dust' in a Refinery. Used to summon Rune Guardians to earn runes.)
  • Refinery. (A multi-block structure that allows you to grind Mysterious Dust down into other useful items. See the spoiler on how to make one.)
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  • Runes. (You get these from killing Rune Guardians. You summon these with Rune Dust by clicking on Redstone Ore. Runes are like a custom currency and used to unlock things/use items.)
  • Passives. (This is basically 15 custom abilities that expand and enhance your mining experience. See below for a complete passive list.)
  • Zeta. (This is the custom currency for mining, this is currently used to upgrade passives. You can get Zeta from breaking ores when mining.)
  • Mining Level & Skill Tree. (This is used to spend skill points on perks, such as increasing your Zeta gain or the maximum number of passive slots.)
  • Oracles. (These are end-game bosses that you can fight using Oracleite. These Oracles will drop items that can increase your maximum passive slots and other mining-related things.)
  • Singularity. (A community-driven feature that builds up towards the Mining Arcanes. Corrupted mobs, Void Rifts, and Void Energy all tie into this unique and fun feature! It will also have updates in the future for Arcanes and other mining-related things.)
  • Arcanes. (Mining Arcanes are similar to passives, however, they drop from the second Oracle; Impulse. You then have to do a special challenge to unlock it and get the Arcane. These Arcanes have unique abilities and can be leveled up and traded among players)
  • Custom and Unique Items (Mobs such as silverfish will drop a unique item needed to craft custom pickaxes and items.
What do all these features do?
Below I will go over each of the points above in further detail.

Fluxes can be found when mining-specific ores. There are currently six different tiers of fluxes. Ranging from Common to Exotic and Hellstone.

Gemstones currently have two uses. One of these uses is being sold to the mining market for money. Gemstones can also be used when purchasing augments. (See below). Gemstones also have a "quality" to them. Meaning you can get different qualities which influx the prices. The quality tiers include:
  • Ruined
  • Badly Damaged
  • Damaged
  • Worn
  • Pristine

Passives are essentially like custom enchantments in a way but they are always active and not as pronounced as custom enchantments. You can access the GUI for these passives by using /mine passives. There are currently 10 passives but there will be up to 15 in the future. Each passive has a tier, common, uncommon, rare, legendary and exotic. Higher the tier, the higher your mining level needs to be and the more runes it costs to unlock. You can upgrade the passives using the custom currency the plugin adds. Each passive has 7 levels. I will put a full passive list below.

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Passives also have a tier, common, uncommon, rare, legendary and exotic. Each tier has a specific slot capacity. E.g. common is 1 while exotic is 5. You can at default have up-to 5 slots active. Meaning either you can have 1 exotic passive active, or 5 common for example. Mix and match!

Zeta can be obtained when mining from breaking ores. The better quality ore you break, the more Zeta you will earn. You can use Zeta when upgrading passives. (/mine passives)

Mining Level & Skill Tree:
You can earn XP towards your mining level by breaking ores as well. Passives require a specific level in order to purchase and unlock them, you can check this in the (/mine passives) interface.
Skill points will be used to increase perks in the plugin, such as increasing Zeta gain and or increasing the maximum number of passive slots you can have active at one given time.

Oracles can be summoned using Charged Oracleite. To obtain this, Refine some Mysterious Dust to get Uncharged Oracleite. Then mine the appropriate amount of Diamond Ore that it specifies and right-click on Emerald ore to summon the boss. Please note that these bosses should most likely be fought with end-game gear and with friends if possible.

The singularity is a player and community-driven feature that sees players using Void Shards to power up their personal Singularity. Once activated, it will allow players to get Unstable Element and find Void Rifts for Corrupted Mobs and Shards. The Void Energy part of the Singularity is a community-driven feature that gets everyone to contribute Rune Dust towards it to increase the drop chance for Unstable Element for everyone on the server!

These are similar to passives but more end-game focused. Unlock them by completing the challenge on the Aurite. You can then level them up by combining the same Arcanes together with Light Runes and Corrupted Shards. They have limited uses but can be powered back up when they run out.