NEWS Skyblock Released


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Howdy all!
I am pleased to say that after weeks of putting in hours, the SkyBlock server is released! "SkyBlock" is a gamemode where players live and build on a floating island. The goal of the gamemode is to survive without cheating, expand your island, grow your own food and thrive. When getting started, you can select from several islands, each one with a different difficulty, there are premium islands and regular islands. All of the islands have upgrade possibilities, such as generators, members, homes, and island size. Island level can be increased by adding valuable items/blocks to your island and expanding it.

We have decided to also implement a rankup system for SkyBlock as well, taking inspiration from our Towny server. However, there are only 8 rankups instead of 16. The requirements for each rank are based upon your playtime, island level, and cost. - Only the two first rankups requires you to vote. All of this can be access in-game using /ranks or /rank.

Custom Enchantments
Our custom enchantmnet system is nothing new for those who have spent some time on our Towny server, we decided to bring over the same system SkyBlock. But instead of rarity books, there are gem tiers, tier 1 being the lowest (common) and 3 being the highest (legendary). All enchantments can be viewed in-game.

Shards are just like tokens/coins which can be spent in the shards in-game shop, they can be spent on crate keys, sell wand, money pouches, fly, void chest and many other items.

Mining World
The mining is designed specifically for mining, where there are a higher percentage of ores than there would be in a regular world. Note that there are mobs in the mining world, so you are able to die and lose your items, so be careful! It will reset automatically every 24 hours, which means that you shouldn't build anything there!

Many more features, login and have a look for yourself! Hope you enjoy, feel free to give feedback and suggestions here! ;)

Don't worry, for all of you that have a donator rank will still keep them on SkyBlock! Make sure to read about all the new features added to the donator ranks in the store, A reminder that there is a Flash sale going on where you can get everything in the store for 50% OFF, sale ends at the end of this month!


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Great work, already in love!


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really awesome worked ,so hooked on it :)