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ive been playing on the server for about a month now its safe to see this is a great server with lots of potential.
Of course nothings great and there are some things you can change to make the server better

Jobs are one of the primary ways to make money. The only problem I have with the Jobs is that they don't give much at early stages which makes it harder for new players to advance. maybe if you buff the lower stages of the game and keep the end stages the game the same, it'll make the new players feel like there progressing as well as keep the people at the top happy. or alternatively you can put various rewards at every 5 - 10 or so lvl up that way it keeps the players entertained while grinding and give them an incentive to keep doing it.

the Quests are fun and sometimes challenging activities you can do when you are bored. The Quest are pretty sweet and fun to do in my opinion but the only thing that bothers me is that after getting 12 stacks of raw fish my only reward is only 2000$ or better yet 400xp I own a dang xp grinder. the problem the quest faces is that the rewards are kind of trash the may be good at the start of the game for xp but, when you reach end game and already have a high lvl job and a xp farm there's really no point to do quest other bc your bored. so my proposal is custom weapons ooo not only do they add something new and exiting to the quest they also give
the players incentive even if they are end game or not. For example the quest says get 12 stacks of wheat so your farming wheat and just when your getting bored look you just got a reward for hitting farming 10 ooo 3 diamonds!! so then you keep farming and when you finally get 12 stacks of wheat it give you a enchantment book replant I.

Enchantment Name: replant I
Enchantment Description: everytime you break a fully grown plant it replants the seed
Enchantment Group: Unique
Enchantment Type: ITEM_BLOCK
Enchantment Application: Hoe
Anything else: Obtainable for Extreme quest "Obtain 12 stacks of Wheat" <<< more ideas here

crates are addicting the kind of remind me of a slot machine. the only thing that ticks me off more then getting villager eggs the 5th time is a row is getting a night vision gem. Night vision gems are kind of useless in my opinion because in slimey fun the already have tools that give you infinite night vision I suggest to move it to the vote crate or the common crate. a new and better gem to replace it with would be job xp boost gems they are really useful and give you more of a reason to do your job and you can also make a global one as well so not only will it make the
single player to do there job everyone will have a reason to do there job its a win win.

admin shop/Quest dude
this is by far the biggest problem in the server money gaining since jobs take long to do new players will want to sell things like mob drops and other common items but since the value of money in this server is so Deflated that every item that is not over powered or insanely good is worthless. I've come up with 2 Ideas to combat this problem one is to add a admin shop which is the easy fix and the other is quest dude. since you are a player run economy I'm pretty sure you'll love this idea more so quest dude gives the player daily/weekly quests that give the player money and these quest will vary and give you more quest based on you rank. this not only helps the new players help get money it also give the players more of a reason to get higher ranks.

the community is by far the best thing the server has to offer the people are nice the admin are great (OPkraiser and MLG) and the owner helps me with my problems (sorry constintly losing stuff). anyway this community is what brought me to the server in the first place I was planning on coming duping and making a giant statue of me in the middle of the server, but because this server was so nice to me and the people were so great I didn't have the heart. So I Just wanna say thank you for allowing me to play on there server with you guys and thanks for making it a wonderful experience.

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Jobs - Sorch has long be tinkering at the jobs payout, people from when the server started will remember how easy it was to get to 1 mil in a week. The early game is a grind but with voting and events etc. it doesn't take long for you to set up a town and get yourself up and running

Quests - Quests I feel are a way to help boost newer players along as quests become easier as you get more established so making the quests more rewarding will only expand lead players advantage

Enchantment - Nice enchant idea, I personally don't use custom enchants but I'm some people who do would like this enchant, maybe on a how or something rather than a block

Crates - Crate rewards have long be contested for items to be added and items to be removed including the removal of gems and the addition of villager eggs. Job boosts have moved around a good bit on the server so job boost gems is an interesting idea

Admin Shop - Nope. This is fully player run economy, it is what a lot of the players come here for. I believe the super cheap prices on common items is good way to create competition to create bigger and better farms or methods of getting those items to sell them cheaper than anybody else. The player market is rough spot to attempt to make a living out of and most players don't. Most player markets are niche only selling groups of similar items. I only know of 3 or 4 shops that sell a wide range of items. If you plan to make a market your main source of income you need to get really competitive

Daily Quests - Like the quests above if they over rewarding it will widen the gap between new and old players

Community - Thanks for not duping on us, nothing wrong with you still making that statue. Glad to have you around

i_have_scurvy of Konohagakure

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Thank you to i_have_scurvy for responding to this post.