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Titles are finally here! If you're an OG here, you'll definitely know what these are. Titles are cool prefixes in front of your name in the chat and can be obtained in various ways. They come in all different forms, some quite simple, and others quite the opposite. A great way to bring some life and colors into the chat! The most common way to get these would probably be through the brand new Title crate.

If you have any titles, you can find them in the Title menu /titles. All autorank titles have been moved to the Title menu too, so you'll have to choose between displaying your autorank title or any other title that you may have.
Note: For everyone who purchases the April Monthly Crate, you'll receive an exclusive
. If you have already purchased the crate, the title have been added to your title menu.

How to obtain Titles?
- All different crates apart from Spawner
- Different server events
- Monthly Crates
- Max level in Jobs, whenever you reach the max level of a specific job, you'll receive a title for that Job.
No permission! You have to be logged in or registered to view spoiler content.
If you're in Max Level in either of the jobs, open a ticket to redeem your title. This should happen auto for the ones who reach it after this update.

Brand new Title Crate (Key available in the webstore for $6.99)

Other changes in today's update:


  • Add XP and Money booster to Uncommon crate.
  • Removed chunkloader from Slimefun.
  • Added Namemc like rewards: $10,000 & 3 Uncommon Keys.
  • Donator rank updates: Gold now have access to /nick color & formatting. Diamond now have /rename & /relore. Emerald now have /rename and /lore.
  • Remove teleport delay from all commands.
  • New items added to the store: Sorch Rod, Holograms, Title Key and Custom Mob Spawners.
  • Rankup perk changes: Viscount now has /nick, Duke now has/nick colors and Prince now has/nick magic.
  • Removed jobs: Bountyhunter, Archaeologist, Librarian, Warrior, Mason, Cannon Tester.
  • Fixed some chance percentage issues in crates, making it impossible to get a few items.
  • Removed Slot Increasers.
  • Titles update, full thread on the forums.
  • Miner job earnings increment by 3%.
  • Added a way to see XP boost timer /xpboost info.
  • Changed item stacker plugin, should fix visual entities glitch.

Known issues
  • Durability alert not alerting players using Detonate enchantment
  • Loads of glitches and bugs around Slimefun backpacks.


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