CHANGELOG Towny Changelog 1.1

MCTowny's first changelog is finally out, it has been a very busy and successfull weekend! Since the server launched there we have already surpassed hundreds of new players and raised a decent amount of money for further server development and investments. The server is in its early stages of development which means that there will be plenty of bugs and changes the first few weeks. There is a full list down below of changes that has happened since the server launched.

We decided to move our servers from Europe to Canada Montreal, this was mainly due to stability and ping issues that were noticed. We used our recent donations to invest in heavily quality servers, this should solve our most our lag issues and both players from EU and US should have a decent ping on the server.

1.15 Minecraft is released, when are we updating?
It is decided that the server will be updated whenever it suits us, this is because we have to wait for most our plugins to support 1.15 and make sure that 1.15 is a stable version for Minecraft servers, unlikely to 1.14. The previous Minecraft version had major stability issues, causing heavy TPS drops and lag due to unstable chunks, when we update MCT, there is no going back so we have to be 100% certain that this is not the problem in this update!

What's New:
  • Now able to hug other players with /hug
  • More handy way to check top player time /toptime
  • Decreased cost for all custom enchantments.
  • Added Death chests that disappear after 2 minutes.
  • Gold rank+ able to fastloot deathchests.
  • Gold rank+ deathchests despawn after 10 minutes instead of 2 minutes.
  • Diamond rank+ able to teleport directly to their deathchests.
  • Emerald rank now able to mine spawners with silk touch.
  • Increased item and arrow despawn rate.
  • Removed boss bar message announcer.
  • Dropped Quest money rewards.
  • Increased Rankup cost for all ranks.
  • No longer able to sell items in the admin shop.
  • Removed /sell command from all Donator ranks.
  • Added Premium titles for Donators.
  • Removed these spawners from the spawner shop: Ender dragon, Donkey, Mule, Giant, Ghast, Wither, Shulker, Iron Golem, Llama, Villager, Phantom and Bat.
  • Decreased Mining rewards money prizes.
  • Added a new voting site. Click here!
  • Possibility to now check your playtime with /playtime.
  • We have moved the server from EU to Canada Montreal.

General fixes:
  • Fixed players not receiving XP on completing Quests.
  • Fixed issue where players were not getting paid for planting Wheat, Carrot, etc as a Farmer.

We are aware of other issues and are working on them, if you have found any bugs, please report them here. If you have any suggestions or ideas, post here.