NEWS Towny V2 Full Changelog


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The time has come, after hours and weeks of re-building our Towny server, I am glad to say that we are done and ready for release tomorrow. Our main goal for this reset was to look back on where we started off with Towny, and take inspiration from that, trying to create something brand new whilst not getting rid of what players loved. Turning over a new leaf and starting a brand new chapter, this is just the beginning of what's to come in weekly & monthly updates, events and other things planned in store to create the most unique and best Towny experience.

That being said, don't expect the first few days to be a smooth ride. Bugs, glitches and exploits will be found no matter how long we test for. But we have tested thoroughly and well-optimized, so I am confident that there will be very little to no lag and bugs to be found. Grab your tea, cause there will be a lot to read!

Now to the most important question, what is new? What has changed?
I will try to keep the points fairly simple and short, to avoid overwhelming you with long paragraphs and texts. If it is a feature that requires more a more in-depth explanation or guide, they will all be posted here.

  • Punishment Reset - All players who had a ban, warning or kick have got their punish history wiped and will be given a second chance. This does not count for Blacklisted players.
  • PvP Toggle - There is no longer default PvP in Wasteland and in main world wilderness. If you want to PvP with someone, you'll have to toggle your PvP status by using /pvp toggle. You can only toggle your PvP status in the main world and overworld, it does not override Town PvP rules. In The End and Nether, PvP is always disabled. Players who have PvP toggled will have a red circle around them, image below:
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  • No Griefing - Griefing is not allowed anymore under any circumstances, you are only allowed to loot from unclaimed chests in wilderness. Rule T1 has been updated.
  • Explosions - Explosions has been disabled in the main world. Explosions can only happen in The End, Nether and Wasteland, this involves both TnT and Creepers.
  • Phantoms - Phantoms has been re-added, but only in Wasteland and not the main world.
  • Autoranks - A few autoranks has been removed, re-named and merged together, there is a full list available in ranks GUI in-game /ranks.
  • Player Guide - I have re-created the in-game guide in /guide, making it simpler and easier to read, it now includes a Economy Guide, Mining Guide, Towny Creation Guide, Fishing Guide and many other guides that players will find useful.
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  • Removed admin shop - We have always strived towards being a Towny server with a player-ran economy and a place where players have to grind for valuable items.
  • Cheaper markets - The markets have become cheaper but can only be bought maximum for 14 days instead of 30 to prevent inactive players with occupying stores as there are limited stores. If you don't pay for your rent, your store will be reset and you will lose all items.
  • Warp End - A warp to the end with a spawn has been added.
  • Tool Tiers and Levels - We have added a tool tier and level system, current tier for tools are: Common, Rare and Legendary. Common tools can be found in the Common crate, Rare and Legendary tools can be found in the Uncommon crate and be purchased in our webstore. The max level for tools is currently level 10, you do not currently receive anything for leveling up your tools; this will be possible in future updates.
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  • World Size - We are starting off our current world with a border of 3k x 3k, with expansions in our minds moving forward. Live view of map here:
  • PyroMining and PyroFishing - These two plugins, one of the best mining and fishing plugins out there to take mining and fishing to the next level. They add a bunch of new features, enchantments, challenges for players to complete. Read about them both here in these two separate threads I made: PyroMining and PyroFishing.
  • Jobs earning limit - A limit of earning $50,000 per hour will be set temporarily, this is to avoid inflation and players abusing job glitches. As I mentioned previously, no matter how much we test, there will always be a glitch or bug. So make sure to report any to us!
  • New Enchantments - We have changed our custom enchantment plugin as it contained too many bugs. It has been replaced with another much stable version, all current enchantments can be viewed here.
  • Well Optimized - There have been hours put into optimizing server lag, pre generating world and making sure that there is no lag at all.
  • Ghost Blocks - Ghost blocks now update themselves from now on, and /ghost has been removed.
  • Brand new spawn - Towny have finally got a brand new spawn, built by by me with some assistance from UFiskelig. The idea behind this spawn was to keep everything as compact as possible, moving away from our old large spawn and keep it highly detailed whilst not overwhelming you with holograms and information.
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  • Graves - We have re-added the graves plugin, the old plugin we used was quite glitched and had bugs so we have found a better version. All death chests last for 10 minutes before they despawn with all your items, the time is the same for everyone, ranks do not matter. Once you die coordinates will be given to you, can check your death graves using /graves.
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  • Forum and Discord link reward - When you link your forum account with the forums and link your discord account with in-game, you will receive $5,000 and 1 Uncommon key. Once you have linked both, contact an Admin+ and your rewards will be applied manually, currently working on an automatic system for the rewards. Use /forumlink and /discordlink in our lobby.
  • New Quests - Brand new quests, starting off simple with a few quests and once players start completing them, we start to include new quests and storylines in weekly/monthly updates. They can all be accessed in spawn or using /quests.
  • Gems - We have added different effect gems, these are; Speed, Haste, Strength, and Nightvision. All you have to do is right-click while holding them for the effects to be applied. They do not add up, so if you have two 10 minute speed gems, they will not add up to become 20 minutes. Gems can currently be found in crates and daily rewards. More gems will be added in future updates.
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  • Spawn Town Advertisement board - This was requested a lot in the early days of Towny, so I decided to implement it in this spawn. You can purchase a maximum of one slot in spawn, each one costing $15,000 and are permanent. A great place to advertise your Town. A Admin+ have to be online for you to purchase one.
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  • Ender dragon Elytra - Once killing the ender dragon, it will now drop an Elytra.
  • Crate and Vote rewards - Crate rewards have had slight updates, Sorch tools have been re-added to the Uncommon crate. Sponges have been removed from Voter crate, along with other updates. You can view these rewards by going to the crates area in spawn and left-clicking crates. Vote rewards have been updated, you also now earn money from voting, rewards can be viewed here.
  • Anticheat and Xray (SMAC) - Cheaters are no fun at all. So we have invested large amounts of money into getting the correct anti-cheat and anti-xray system without comprimising server stability. We have one of the best anti-cheat systems out there and it has been thorroughly tested. Using x-ray and other hacks is very hard now to impossible as our system will detect it quickly and warn us, staff. Trying to use x-ray will show you fake ores, and warn staff of any suspicious activity. View image below:
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  • Durability Alert - Another feature that was heavily requested early on. Now right before your tool or armor break, you will receive a warning of how many blocks you can break before your tool is broken. You will receive the warning on your screen and in the chat, so look out. You can toggle this using /da.
  • Removed hit cooldown and player collision - We tried to do this earlier on but failed to do so. This time around, this have been successfully done, you will still be able to use your shields. The only thing that have been removed is the cooldown between each hit. Player collision has also been disabled, so you will no longer be able to push other players.
  • Sitting - You now have the ability to sit again, you can do this by right clicking stairs or carpet. To toggle this, use /sittoggle.
  • Mob Arena - Brand new mob arena plugin, this is a great way for players to grind some money but can be challenging. Mob arena is easy to play, all you have to do is use /ma join or click the NPC in spawn. You then select a class in the Lobby by right-clicking the class signs and you're good to go. It requires a min of 1 player to play and has a max of 5. The game consist of trying to get to the highest wave which is wave 100, there are money rewards for each round and are as following: $1,000 per 20th wave, $50 every wave, $5,000 per 50th wave.
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  • Max Job level - Max job level is now 100 instead of 200.
  • Towny changes - A town can now purchase a maximum of 20 blocks, each one costing $1,000. Each resident now adds 10 claim blocks to a town instead of 8. New towns now cost $15,000 and $1,500 to claim a block. Each blocks adding $125 to the town's daily upkeep. More Town claim blocks can now be purchased in our webstore.
  • Global boosters - You can now buy global Jobs exp and McMMO exp boosters in our webstore for everyone online.
  • Showitem - The /showitem command has been replaced in [item], all you have to do now to show off your items is to type [item] in the chat whilst holding your item and everyone online will have the possibility to hoover the item in chat to see its enchantments.
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  • Stacked Items - This is a great way of preventing client and server lag. Items dropped on the ground will now be stacked, there are currently no limits.
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  • Pets - Pets have now been added, these come with all the donator ranks and can also be purchased individually in our webstore. Pets menu can be accessed using /pets. You can currently rename your pets, disguise as them, ride them and put them on as hats. Right now, there are 24 unique pets.
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  • Sorch Armor - A new addition to the Legendary Sorch Tools, you can now get Sorch Armor. These armor pieces are very exclusive and can only be purchased in our webstore, and not found in Uncommon crates.
  • Player Warps - Player warps have been re-added, can be accessed using /pwarp.
  • Slimefun 4 - This was added in the previous major Towny update, but for most players who are returning, I highly recommend you to check out this thread.
  • Daily Rewards - You can now claim daily rewards in spawn by right-clicking the bee or using /rewards. These contains XP, gems, money and other rewards. They get better over time!
  • Easier ways of making money - As most, you have noticed, there has been added plenty of new ways to make money. All the methods are currently: Mob Arena, PyroMining, PyroFishing, Jobs, Quests, Player shops, Voting, Daily Rewards, and the Auction House.
Sorch Pickaxe giveaway winner: dr_squid102

These are all the changes for this revamp so far, and as I previously mentioned, we will get back into our habits of releasing more frequent updates, along with hosting events. Make sure to post in the suggestions area if you have anything in mind that you would like to see, whether this is a change, type of event, etc. Always open to new ideas! Make sure to also report any bugs to staff. Thank you for reading! ❤


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Very excited. There's so many things to do and earn! :love:


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revamp looking amazing, this is what we needed :giggle: