NEWS Welcome to SorchMC


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We have finally rebranded from MCTowny to SorchMC! Please use our new IP: instead of the old one as it will stop working later on in the future. SorchMC is now a Bungeecord network with a little lobby where you can select a server to join, Towny or KitPvP at this point of time. However, there are still plenty of work to do and we got a big Towny update coming soon, so if you would like to see any changes, request so on the forums!

Our KitPvP Season 1 is kicking off tomorrow 2nd February 17:00 GMT and end on 2nd May. Each season will last for about 90 days, if not shorter or longer. As this is our first season, we are keeping Payouts small, but will most likely increase in the future.

Current KitPvP Season 1 Top 3 killers payouts:
• 1st Place: $150 PayPal - $50 Giftcard in our store
• 2nd Place: $75 PayPal - $25 Giftcard in our store
• 3rd Place: $25 PayPal - $15 Giftcard in our store

Also check out our brand new Forums which I put hours into developing and make sure to create an account, most of you will have an account already as it was imported from our first forum. It will be possible to link your Minecraft account with the forum one very soon!

Vote links for Towny will be up later today in the evening! Do not vote yet!